Opera, Anyone?

This Sunday, September 4th, Radio WHT will return for a LIVE broadcast on WMSE 91.7FM (Milwaukee; http://www.wmse.org streaming everywhere). Radio WHT presents the Barber of Seville is the first on-air appearance for the group since founder/writer Charles Sommers relocated to New York last spring. It also comes on the heels of last week’s successful appearance opening the inaugural Milwaukee Fringe Festival.

Opera fans will notice that “Barber…” is the third WHT opera and like Radio WHT’s “Carmen” and “Cosi fan tutti,” the songs have been excised.


Radio WHT at MKE Fringe

Wisconsin Hybrid Theater is proud to be scheduled as the very first show at the very first Milwaukee Fringe Festival: NOON, Saturday August 27, we will transform Todd Wehr Theater – Marcus Center For The Performing Arts into the studio of Radio WHT.

Radio what? Exactly.

Radio WHT submits to MKE Fringe Fest

Radio WHT is proud and excited to have applied to take part in the very first Milwaukee Fringe Festival. Please check out their website, and mark your calendar for that weekend of  August 27 & 28. Keep your fingers crossed (and comment below) if you’d like to see a family-friendly, verbally versile old-timey radio play from the fringe.

Radio WHT presents the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

A silent movie on the Radio? Exactly!

Radio WHT presents Frank Candor Investigates the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

will be broadcast LIVE on WMSE, 91.7 FM at 8:30 AM

November 8, 2015 (the second Sunday of the month)

streaming (and archived) at wwww.wmse.og

Radio WHT presents Poe vs. Kafka

Next month, Wisconsin Hybrid Theater helps get you in the Halloween mood with two classic stories of horror. First, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado,” perhaps the ultimate expression of over-reaction; and then, Franz Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony,” a tale that makes The Metamorphosis read like a bedtime story.

kafka poe
This will be an intimate show, with Ira Hampton and Jack Farwell, joined by Chris Knapp providing sound-effects and Frontier Radio Theatre host Tom Crawford, performing live in the WMSE DJ booth (adjacent to the Bob and Genie Friedman Live Performance Studio).

Radio WHT presents Poe vs. Kafka will be broadcast at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday, October 11, 2015. It can be heard in Milwaukee at 91.7 FM, or world wide on the web streaming at http://www.wmse.org

Radio WHT takes Cinderella to Outer Space.

Wisconsin Hybrid Theater continues its fifth season on Frontier Radio Theater with “Cyberella and the Slipper Cell,” the latest installment in the “Once Upon a Time in the Future” series from Radio WHT.

Radio what?

Exactly. The script by Charles Sommers takes place on the Dream Rim of the Grimm Zone. Cyberella has been reassigned to support a S.T.E.P. unit as they attempt to infiltrate The Ball and expose a Slipper Cell.

LIZ SHIPE joins the cast as Vivian Booth on February first at 8:30ish am on WMSE 91.7FM (wmse.org). Ms. Booth was previously heard in “Radio WHT presents Star White and the Seven Droids.”

Also in the cast are Deb Burnham (Beth Lewinski), Allis Chase (Sarah Laak), Ira Hampton (Jim Owczarski), and Jack Farwell (Randall T. Anderson), with live sound effects by Chris Knapp (Charlie Sommers).

Since 2010, WMSE has presented a half hour of live original theater every month as Radio WHT takes over the Bob and Genie Friedman Performance Studio at about 8:30 on the first Sunday morning each month.


Wisconsin Hybrid Theater (RadioWHT) performs original adaptations of late 19th century stories in a mid 20th century medium for an early 21st century audience and their mom.

wht logotype


Wisconsin Hybrid Theater has announced the next 3 new plays to be performed on WMSE’s Frontier Radio Theater program. Radio WHT will adapt “The Greek Interpreter” as Sherlock Holmes Goes Greek in January; “Cinderella” as Once Upon a Time in the Future in February; and 1984 as 1884, a Western in April. All performances will be broadcast live from the Bob and Genie Friedman Performance Studio.

Since 2010, WMSE has presented a half hour of live, original theater every month as Radio WHT takes over the studio at about 8:30 on the first Sunday morning each month.

The spring season was announced on the December 7th episode of Frontier Radio Theater, between chapters of Radio WHT presents Frank Candor Investigates December 32nd, a New New Year Fable. That program is available in the WMSE archives at http://www.wmse.org.

January 4: Radio WHT presents Sherlock Holmes Goes Greek
February 1: Radio WHT presents Once Upon a Time in the Future
April 5: Radio WHT presents 1884, a Western