Wisconsin Hybrid Theater has performed with over 2 dozen Milwaukee and Chicago actors, including Mark Metcalf (“Animal House”, Seinfeld); Chris Flieller (artistic director, In Tandem Theater); Ron Scot Fry (artistic director, Optimist Theater); Tom Reed (Optimist Theater); Liz Shipe (Theatre Red); Ben Merens (Wisconsin Public Radio); Karen Estrada (First Stage, Skylight Music Theater); Tim Higgins (Comedy Sportz “The Midnight Show”)


Wisconsin Hybrid Theater has “adapted for your imagination” over 40 classic stories, from “The Adventures of Robin Hood” through Sherlock Holmes.  They have set Grimm’s fairy tales in space; reimagined “Wizard of Oz” and “The Great Gatsby” as radio-noir; and taken Shakespeare and Mozart to the Old West.


Wisconsin Hybrid Theater has performed for audiences at the Alchemist Theatre, Sunset Playhouse, Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, the Pfister Hotel, City Hall, and Turner Hall. They they have entertained audiences on behalf of MPTV, WMSE, and the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music.


Wisconsin Hybrid Theater was founded in 2007 with “A Carol on Brady” at the Brady Street Pharmacy. Scine September, 2010, they have performed LIVE on the first Sunday of every month on WMSE’s “Frontier Radio Theater” program.


Wisconsin Hybrid Theater (Radio WHT) performs original adaptations of late 19th century stories in a mid 20th century medium for an early 21st century audience and their mom.





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