Company Members

Radio WHT Company Members


Perhaps best known as the voice of Radio WHT’s “Frank Candor Investigating Reporter,” Jack is, more generally, “the Voice of Radio WHT.”  There is nothing he’d rather do than a Radio WHT show, except maybe have a Radio WHT show go smoothly.


Born on the east coast, Mr. Hampton saw his first Broadway play at the age of 11. His dream remains to return to Broadway someday. He approaches each broadcast as an audition, for you never know whom may be listening.


Deb’s invaluable contributions to Radio WHT include memorable performances as heroic little old ladies, frightened and foolish young boys, and femme fatale. She makes every role she plays her very own and won’t let the script get in her way.


Miss Chase now tours the world as a Big Band Singer, but she is always welcomed back to her second love, Radio WHT, when she is in Milwaukee to visit her first love, her Mom.  She costs more now, but she earns it.


Local gal Mosey Wells has been studying Theater at some of Whitewater’s finest schools, and is the first and only member of the Hybrid Radio Reeducation Program. What she lacks in experience she overcompensates for with youth.

CHRIS “SNAPS” KNAPP (Sound Effects Artist)

Snaps has been been breaking things and making a racket professionally since shortly before losing his job as a door-to-door knife salesman. He already bought the knives, so, if you need a knife …

Radio WHT Regulars:

RUSSELL DOWNER – Although considered the Radio WHT “mascot,” Russ frequently finds himself in charge.

WARD GREELEY – Whatever happened to “Little Billy Stillwater”? The formerly popular child star returns.

OLIVE HAMPTON – Talent. Beauty. Wit. and Ira’s niece. In a word: nepotastic

GRANT PROSPECT – The star of Radio WHT’s talk-opinion show “I Know What You’re Thinking.”

JOAN VAN BUREN – A triple threat, she has performed with Radio WHT as an actress, musician, and sound-effects artist.


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